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19 January 2022

Bureau Fris and Trees for All work together for a better world

Bureau Fris is the first, and only, full-service agency for market research that operates fully CO2 neutral. By entering into a partnership with Trees for All, […]
23 December 2021
Fris wenst iedereen feestelijke dagen

Fris wishes everyone happy holidays

A strange year draws to a close. In this blog, Stephanie looks back – very cautiously – at 2021 and looks ahead to 2022 full of […]
21 December 2021
Bureau Fris viert saffieren jubileum

Bureau Fris celebrates sapphire anniversary

What doesn’t exist must be created! That’s how Stephanie Groot-Hecker started Bureau Fris 16 years ago. Very quickly she hired her first employee and future co-owner: […]
15 March 2021
Onderzoek op locatie in de 1,5-metersamenleving? Zo kan het toch!

A step forward again

Dear reader, Is this real? Can we finally see and meet you again? We used to facilitate most of the market research at our offices, but […]
28 July 2020
Research, online and at one and a half meters

Research, online and at one and a half meters

At Bureau Fris, we believe that really good market research is only possible if you can fully focus on the subject and don’t have to deal […]
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