Fris On The Road
In addition to our permanent research locations, Bureau Fris also offers "Fresh on the go". Research is possible throughout the Netherlands or Belgium and we take the entire organization off your hands.

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Fris On The Road Basic

(from €250,-)

With this option everything can be arranged according to your own wishes. Bureau Fris takes care of the organization and makes a tailor-made offer. There are two locations that are suitable for market research.


  • Organisation
  • 2 different options for location


  • Mobile recording set
  • Supporting personnel
  • All location costs
  • Travel expenses

Booking via Bureau Fris

  • Hostess €30,- p.h.
  • Notulist €32,50 p.h.
  • Mobile Set €300,- p.d.
  • Recruitment (price in consultation)

(Staff allowance 50% travel time / 100% travel costs if possible OV otherwise € 0.50 per k.m.)

Fris On The Road Excellent

(€2500,- all-in per day)

This option offers an all-in price, no surprises afterwards! Bureau Fris provides a carefree examination. Everything is arranged, from
A to Z throughout the country.


  • Experienced host/hostess
  • Mobile recording set
  • Location costs
  • Catering
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel time
  • Parking costs

From A to Z arranged *

  • Various possibilities
  • Available throughout the Netherlands
  • 2 location options

Booking via Bureau Fris

  • Note taker €32,50 p.u.
  • Recruitment (price in consultation)

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