Fris International

Our core task is to facilitate market research and provide every single one of our customers with what matters most. Why let us be limited by the borders? With today's technology, the boundaries are fading and therefore the wishes of our customers can be fulfilled across borders. Our customers want one partner who ensures that the research runs smoothly. Why spend hours managing a project when you can have a fresh partner who provides excellent services?

Due to our experience in market research in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have built up a large international network. Previously, we only organized and coordinated projects in the Netherlands and Belgium, but more and more customers asked us for help in other countries. Thanks to this new wish, we have approached our international network and have realized solid partnerships. This allows us to do what we promise internationally.

What are the possibilities?

  • Project management, recruitment & facility.
  • Research staff (moderators, minutes, exponents, interpreters).
  • Various forms of market research (IDIs, TDIs, Focus Groups, Co-creations, Online Communities, etc.).
  • Active in more than 20 countries (in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America).
  • From consumer to HCP.
  • ISO certified and we work with reliable partners.
  • Bureau Fris is a member of the ESOMAR.


  • 1 partner with short communication lines.
  • Time saving and unburdening.
  • Experience abroad.
  • Young professionals who speak and write excellent English.
For more information or a suitable offer please contact us via or 020-5305000.