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Bureau Fris is the full-service agency for market research. We facilitate everything for market research and we are happy to take care of the moderator.

How does it work

We work closely with various moderators who have years of experience within the industry. They can help with the research question and design, but also only moderate the research. We offer the perfect custom moderator.

What are the possibilities:

  • Moderating the market research
  • Full guidance of the market research (devising research question and design)
  • Suitable for all target groups (business, medical, consumers and children)
  • Suitable for various forms of market research (individual, groups, telephone, inhomes or online)
  • Accurate reporting (topline or full report). This can be done in several languages (NL - ENG - FRA)

We help with choosing the right moderator and are happy to make a tailor-made offer. For more information, contact Bureau Fris or one of the moderators.

Marjolein de Jong

In 2009, I graduated with a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. With Young Inspiration I have been giving meaning to youth participation and research with and about young people ever since. Together with organizations in education and the public sector I work on better ways to involve young people. I have years of experience in setting up, conducting and reporting qualitative research with young people and their surroundings. My research is characterized by a personal, curious and concrete approach.

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Good research starts with a good conversation. As a researcher, you have to want to get to know your target group. I believe that research becomes more effective the moment you look through the eyes of your target group to see what works. In research I always challenge my clients to do this. I get a lot of energy when I can infect my clients with my curious character. My working method is experiential, practical, out of curiosity, connecting and with humor. I like to combine depth with lightness and pleasure, and to work with what is needed at that moment.

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Maartje Lauw

I believe that respondents (both consumers and business-business-business) are willing to tell what drives them, thanks to my enthusiastic, honest approach. Sometimes they do so directly, and sometimes indirectly. And in that case it is up to the moderator to interpret that. People generally like it when their story is heard, their opinion is appreciated, the time is taken for them. Personal stories about motherhood, green energy, coffee machines, dairy drinks, or asthma medication, it doesn't matter. And all this input can contribute to meaningful marketing advice. So much fun to do!

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Katja Fieguth

Fascinated by human behaviour, Katja loves to analyse attitudes, motivations and cultural perceptions when researching. Having lived and worked in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and currently residing in the Netherlands, she is fully tri-lingual, and her language skills allow her to moderate in German, Dutch and English.

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Katja has a Masters and Bachelors degree in Psychology and Media Psychology. Her education as well as cultural experiences make Katja sensitive to cultures and allow her to interpret culture sensitive results with additional knowledge. Katja is ex Kantar/ TNS where she focused on both online and offline local and multi market research projects. Recent clients include: Jaguar, Volvo, HP, LinkedIn, Philips and Starbucks.

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Sjoerd Heskes

drs. Sjoerd Heskes has studied politics and mass communications at the University of Amsterdam.

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Some branches with ample experience:

  • Business-to-business
  • Communications companies
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Financial services
  • Health care
  • IT companies
  • Publishers
  • Research for the government

    Skills and experience qualitative research:
    Advertising Research, Analysis, Brand Equity, Bulletin Boards, Co-creation, Competitive Intelligence, Consumer Behavior, Customer Insight, Customer Journey, Ethnography, Focus Groups, In-depth interviews, Moderating, Online Moderation, Online Research, Primary Research, Product Development, SEO Analysis.

    Heskes & Partners
    drs. Sjoerd Heskes

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    Nieske Witlox

    Interviewing people is the best thing. I work as a qualitative researcher for over 24 years and I co-own CO-efficient (a qualitative research bureau) together with Maudie Kunst.

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    It is important to me to try to create a pleasant atmosphere in which people feel they are just having a cup of tea with me and willing to share everything with me. It is wonderful if I don’t need to ask a lot of questions and the stories just come naturally. Because these stories always provide useful insights, qualitative research never gets boring.

    It gives me a lot of satisfaction to educate junior researchers in qualitative research. Therefore I give workshops about getting the maximum out of interviews and focus groups for the MOAcademy (educational branch of the Market Reseach Association in the Netherlands, MOA).

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    Maudie Kunst

    I am a qualitative researcher at heart. Active for 25 years now, mainly together with Nieske Witlox under the flag of CO efficient.

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    With chronic curiosity, a genuine interest in what moves people and big listening ears, I still can't imagine a better job. I love to put people at ease so they tell me whatever I need to know about the subject in the short timespan we usually have. And to then translate those stories for the client into a usable and easy-to-read report (because actually I am also a writer at heart).

    In 25 years I have worked for a wide variety of clients, ranging from financial services to charities. With my experience and skills I am able to quickly master new fields, so I have been able to prove my added value to clients in various branches.

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    Lidwien van de Ven

  • Qualitative research
  • Uses: creative research techniques: games, collage techniques and value images
  • Reports: in words and image
  • Works with: other researchers, consultants and designers
  • Specialization: education, sustainability and pharma

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    Greet Dom

    As a qualitative researcher I have the drive to fully understand behavior and motivations, and to translate those insights into long-term strategy and pragmatic solutions for the client. I belonged to the first generation of Censydiam researchers in the late 80's and early 90's, so I have solid roots in motivational, psychodynamic research.

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    I am Belgian (Antwerp), and I also have ten years of living and working experience in Amsterdam. I am therefore the perfect bridge for you when it comes to research questions concerning brands, concepts, communications or strategy that play a role in both countries. I work in Dutch (or Flemish) myself, and report in Dutch or English. For French-speaking moderation, I work with freelance senior researchers from Brussels or Wallonia. I am happy to make my expertise of more than 25 years available for complete projects (organizing, moderating and reporting), both online and offline. Moderation only is also possible. I believe that qualitative research is a real people business, supported by personal contact, understanding each other, challenging and inspiring. Feel free to call me, so that we immediately have personal contact and can experience the connection.

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    Catelijne Rutten

    Nwsgrg means curious; this is the way we look at research questions. Curious and with an open mind. This results in smart solutions that deliver more valuable research.

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    After 20 years of experience (qual and quant), Nwsgrg has acquired experience in many different kinds of research ranging from product/concept research to image and communication research. Specialized in the following key areas: children and youngsters and FMCG, retail (shopper) research.

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    Rob van Bodegom

    Active as qualitative researcher since 1996. Started his career at Centre for Marketing Analyses (currently: Millward Brown) and continued as independent researcher since 2001. With his almost 20 years of research experience Rob has ample knowledge of initiating, coordinating, executing and reporting/presenting qualitative research. Both commisioned by agencies and clients.

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    Experience in both b-to-c and b-to-b research, 1-on-1 in-depth interviews and focus groups, organising workshops and brainstorm sessions. Work experience in a variety of industries, companies, and research topics. Besides his work as a researcher Rob writes for trade magazines in the field of marketing and communications.

    A good research always starts with a good talk. This is true for the briefing, but especially for the research itself. Although it might sound as stating the obvious, an excellent quality of the interviews is a must and thus should have top-priority. After all the output generated during the interviews is what constitutes the report, presentation, workshop and – most importantly – the strategy and choices of the client.

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    Monica Post

    Post Research is a small independent research agency specialised in qualitative research.

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    Our modus operandi is distinguished by its:
  • Personal approach
  • To-the-point conclusions and recommendations
  • Flexible and efficient organisation
  • Post Research was founded in 2006 by Monica Post.

    With more than 15 years of experience in qualitative research, she is extremely capable of translating the needs and wishes of target groups into effective advice.

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    Pamela Potters

    With her marketing background and years of experience in qualitative market research, Pamela delivers committed and thorough fieldwork with a profound analysis. This results in concrete conclusions and recommendations helping organizations to take steps in a broad range of marketing issues; from product-and concept development to packaging, communication and websites.

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    Pam is specialized in target groups children, teenagers, youth and their parents. But also adults and professionals (BtB) are often target group of the research projects that Pam conducts.

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    Frances van Berkel

    Highly experienced qualitative market researcher. I conduct interviews, moderate focus groups and can take care of debriefings and reports. I handle projects related to communication and concept testing, product development, brand positioning, shopping behaviour and customer journeys.

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    It always fascinates me to explore and get to understand people’s perceptions and options in all sorts of different contexts. I have worked with and for many international clients, both in consumer and in b2b research, and can easily switch between Dutch and English: moderating and interviewing in Dutch and participating in briefing and debriefing in English.

    Member MOA Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research.

    “We are very impressed with the moderation of her groups and the quality of insights generated from consumers.” (Gary Wickens, Link Consumer Research UK)

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    Judith van Baarlen

    Judith van Baarlen, born and raised in the United States, has been living in the Netherlands for more than twenty years. Growing up in a bi-lingual household allowed for a smooth transition.

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    Since 1995 Judith has done qualitative market research focus groups and interviews encompassing the areas of health care, pharmaceuticals, durables, education, ICT, telecom, FMCG, and more. Projects include those with a focus on in-depth exploration of medical practices, communications, concept testing, ethnography, patient studies, and market orientation. Judith strives to keep a fresh perspective, embracing new and creative techniques that can provide added insight. Finishing off the project with a clear and thorough report is an option she offers.

    Judith’s language skills allow her to moderate in both Dutch and English as a native speaker. She values reliability and flexibility, which are especially necessary in the context of international research.

    Her health care experience includes, but is not limited to: cancer, Parkinson’s, ADHD, COPD, pharmacological practice, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, pain management, birth control, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. Respondents- both individually and in groups- include all types of health care professionals and patients.

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    Sandra Van der Kolk

    Highly experienced, senior qualitative moderator with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

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    I worked for more than ten years as clinical researcher for the pharmaceutical and health related industry. Then joined GfK Netherlands in 2007. Operated in a team of dedicated healthcare researchers working on both qualitative and quantitative market research services and later specialized in qualitative research (Industries; healthcare, finance and FMCG).

    Beginning of 2017 I started working as a freelancer (SKQ research) and managed a lot of healthcare and FMCG related projects since.

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    Michelle Bobeck

    Michelle Bobeck is an all-round qualified qualitative researcher (moderator & analyst) for over 12 years. Born in the US, raised in the Netherlands, Michelle is bilingual & bicultural.

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    She can provide ad-hoc service moderating, but also manage qualitative projects from finish to start (+ as part of multinational research projects). She is skilled in Communications Research, Consumer Insight & Behavior, NPD and Packaging.

    She has extensive experience in a wide range of sectors: B2B, FMCG, Financial/Insurance/Business, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Media, Telecom, Public Policy Affairs, Retail. Michelle previously held agency and client-side positions.

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    Sanne Eijken

    To help clients solve challenges in communications and marketing I rely on qualitative market research. A broad range of clients has brought me to understand many audiences and market segments. And my years of experience in qualitative research give me the ability to know precisely which questions will bring you the information most relevant to your aims.

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    For both market research agencies and consumer brands directly I carry out entire or partial qualitative research projects. Utilizing a variety of methods – e.g. focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, ethnographies, telephone interviews, online groups and forums – I am able to offer tailor-made services.
    I am committed to a fast and flexible way of working and I put a lot of effort in the output of results: easy to read and to the point.

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    Anneke van Dijk

    Having worked more than 20 years for a qualitative market research company (IPM Research & Consultancy) I started my own company Connect+. Face-to-face and modern online market research are my core business. I like to combine classic and modern research tools.

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    The + of Connect indicates the marketing consultancy based on the results of market research. My ultimate goal is to arrive together with my client at real marketing solutions.

    Face-to-face qualitative market research is my passion for years: connecting with the target group and finding inspiration for new concepts and ideas. Developing these further. To reach the most successful concepts: products, services, packaging or communication.

    I am particularly experienced in the following research areas: the living world of the target group, insight development, idea generation, positioning of products and brands, concept development, chances of concepts and optimisation. FMCG, in particular Food and Retail (Shopper research) are very familiar to me. As are Care, OTC and B-to-B are familiar.

    I cooperate with other freelancers and companies for qualitative online market research and quantitative projects.

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    Barbara Stephanus

    People and their motives. For me, the question why consumers do the things they do, is highly fascinating. To understand what touches them most and what needs are relevant to them.

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    And consequently make a bridge to the marketing issue with actionable insights. This guarantees a solid foundation for marketing decisions. Qualitative research, face to face or online, but always personal and in-depth, forms the basis of this approach.
    Since 2003 I work as an independent qualitative researcher for A-brands in retail, mobility, fmcg, personal care and NGO’s.

    I’m specialized in New product development (NPD) and brand positioning. Key words for my approach are: involved, flexible, clear and – as the Germans would say so beautifully – ‘begeistert’.

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    Annoek Jansen

    Qualitative research makes me tick! Whether in-depths or groups, face-to-face or online qualitative, it’s never dull! For me, this is also true for the analysis part that follows. My aim is to present findings in an insightful, impactful way to make sure the story sticks. In the past 20 years, I have gained lots of experience as a qualitative researcher and team lead at the agency side.

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    Not only in doing (international) research, but also by facilitating workshops and training sessions. As an independent consultant and owner of INQT research, my focus is on innovation, among which iterative research and co-creation. My way of working is characterised by a thorough start. To get to relevant output, it is not only important to get insight in the question behind the question, but also how the results will be used. Or in other words, starting with a good understanding of the business context and desired output!

    Short overview of experience:
  • Type of research: Branding & positioning, Concept testing & development, Opportunity areas & idea platforms, Pre- & prototype testing, Customer experience
  • Methods: F2F & online qualitative research, Co-creation sessions, Ideation & activation workshops
  • Branches: FMCG (coffee, spreads/margarine, personal/home care, snacks, etc.), telco, finance, travel, retail

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