Fris Online
We also facilitate online research, via Fris Online. Exactly the same as how we work at location, but then online!

The interview can be recorded via Fris Online, so you may use it for reporting. This tool is very user-friendly, just one push of the button and you are in contact with your target group (your respondents).
Fris Online
In addition to the various locations that we offer, we also facilitate online research, via Fris Online. Exactly the same as how we work at location, but then online!

The interview can easily be recorded via Fris Online, so that it can be used for reporting. This tool is very user-friendly, with one push of a button you are in contact with your target group (your respondents).

The benefits of online research

  • Respondents from across the Netherlands and Belgium can participate
  • Excellent secure connection thanks to software with the highest level of encryption
  • Also suitable for briefings and the de-brief with the client
  • Online has no limitations in terms of group size, singles, pairs, threes, groups of 8 or more is all possible
  • Clients can watch along anonymously
  • Respondents can also be placed in separate break-out rooms in addition to the plenary session
  • An interpreter can be added
  • Visual material can be showed easily
  • Notulist can type along live
  • Recordings are made in a secure manner
  • Store in the cloud or own laptop
  • Straightforward screen sharing on every device
  • Log in possible on every device (desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone)
  • Chat function

What do we offer?

  • Bureau Fris works with modern online tools/software to facilitate online research: Zoom, Webex, Lookback, Teams
  • We prepare all online meetings, meaning all you have to do is log in and focus on the content of the research
  • Technical support before and during the research
  • An online host who ensures that all participants are logged in on time, and helps where needed
  • A secure connection
  • Secure recordings. Is there also an interpreter? Then we take care of both the original recordings and the translated ones
  • Recordings are sent in a secure manner
  • A user-friendly Frisse online environment that everyone can work with easily, both client and respondent
  • Screen sharing and allowing the mouse to be controlled by the respondent for, for example, usability research, website testing

Add foreign customers?

For foreign customers we can arrange an interpreter during the research. Bureau Fris takes cares of it all so the customer can easily watch and listen to the translation of the interpreter.

What do our customers and respondents say?

What our clients say about Fris
What respondents say about Fris

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Our prices for online facilitation

Use of the online tool Fris Online €150 per week
Online host (tech support) €39 per uur (minimum purchase 3 hours)
Tech support account manager €75 per hour
Tech Check per respondent €15 per unit
Interpreter Dutch – English €125 per hour
Set up interpreter and testing €100
Note-taker live €42 per hour
Management costs €100 -250 per research (depending on customer requirements)
Use of online tool Lookback Set up Lookback € 150
Lookback per user €50

(with good explanation of Fris incl. PPT with description, no host needed)

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Fris Online can also be used together with our respondents from our own database.
Respondent quotes

Joy (32)

Great to be able to join the conversation about products or services that could change the consumer landscape of the future. Always in a safe and pleasant setting that allows for discussion between people from all different backgrounds. And those earnings are of course always a nice bonus!

Nina (28)

I find online research a pleasant way of doing research. Safe from your own environment. This makes me more flexible to participate in surveys! Of course you miss the fun of offline research, but I think this is a very good and nice alternative!
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  • English
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