Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Bureau Fris B.V. KvK 34229526

Filed on February 27, 2018.
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Bureau Fris facilitates market research and likes to think along with you. Due to years of experience and knowledge of the market, Bureau Fris is the partner to make the research a success. You can request advice at any time about our services from one of our employees.

All prices below are in euros.

1. General (applicable to all services provided by Bureau Fris)

2. Privacy
It is not permitted to use the files provided by Bureau Fris differently from the purposes for the market research. M.a.w. the storage of data for checking or for example using the recordings for other purposes is not permitted. The client is allowed to use the files for internal use for the market research. The client is not allowed to use the files internally for any other purpose. If the client (you or your client) abuses this, we are obliged to take legal action. I.v.m. ISO 20252 customers of Bureau Fris (and the end customers) must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) (this will be renewed annually). Bureau Fris can not share files without NDA. The client may keep the files for a maximum of 2 years.
The ISO 20252 primary data is stored for at least 12 months and secondary data is stored on Bureau Fris's server for at least 24 months.

3. Payments must be paid within 21 days of the invoice date stating the invoice number, invoicing will only be made in euros. Payments are only accepted in euros via a bank transfer. On all our invoices the applicable VAT rates will be charged.

4. Liability Bureau Fris can not be held liable in case of theft, loss or destruction of your property. Customers / visitors of Bureau Fris are responsible for their property. If there is damage and / or consequential damage, Bureau Fris can only be held liable for a fine of at most the amount of the relevant project.

General conditions Bureau Fris with regard to recruitment respondents

We are happy to think along with you about the recruitment of respondents. Especially in the preliminary phase we like to give our input, so that together we can achieve a good result. You can request our expert advice at no cost in all respects regarding recruitment of respondents. 1. Bureau Fris communicates by telephone and e-mail and only makes promises by e-mail.

2. Recruitment from our own database.

3. Quotation
Prior to the project, Bureau Fris will, after discussing the application, draw up an offer and send it by pdf. The offer is valid until 1 month after the quotation date. The quotation is drawn up on the basis of the criteria discussed. Should it appear after the agreement that these criteria deviate from the criteria discussed in the quotation phase, the account manager will send an adjusted quotation. The rate per respondent starts at 75.00 p.p. (General Dutch Public). Should other criteria be asked whether it concerns a difficult target group, the rate may differ per respondent. 4. Accept project
A project is accepted by us after receiving the signed offer or confirmed in writing (by e-mail) by one of our employees. We can not make any commitments by phone.

5. We only take a selection definitively after we have received a final briefing. We can not make any commitments based on "provisional" criteria.

6. Recruiting time project
The desirable recruitment time for a project with respondents from our own database is 2 weeks after receiving the final screener (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

7. Project management fee, start-up costs, emergency costs, incentives and rates per respondent

Project management fee
These costs are charged if it concerns a project with
– A high degree of difficulty
– Long-term project (like online community of 1 month)
– Managing a project more time than regular

Start-up costs
When providing respondents at an external location (ie not at one of the offices of Bureau Fris) start-up costs are calculated from 150.00 per project. These costs are calculated because Bureau Fris spent extra time explaining the external location to its respondents.

Rush rate
This rate is calculated if a project goes through with speed. This means that Bureau Fris has less than 6 working days to start the project and to recruit the respondents.

Bureau Fris offers its respondents a minimum incentive of 30.00 per hour. The respondent will receive this on the account within 2 weeks at the latest. For the processing of the incentives a handling fee of 10% of the total amount will be charged. If the client himself wants to transfer the incentives to the respondents, this must also be on the account of the respondent within 2 weeks.

Rates per respondent
Bureau Fris provides customization and therefore uses 'from' prices per respondent. The minimum price per respondent is 7 5.00.

Cancel and changes to recruitment

1. Interim changes
If we have to call respondents as a result of a change in criteria, we will pass on the agreed price per respondent, for other changes we will charge administration costs (10.00 p.p.).

2. Cancellation costs
If we have to call respondents as a result of canceling a project, we will charge the agreed price per respondent for the respondents already recruited.

3. Respondent who does not comply
It is up to the client to send the respondent home if it appears that it is not satisfactory. Bureau Fris is not present during the interview to assess the respondent and therefore can not take the cost of the incentive on her.

4. If someone ultimately fails to meet the other criteria, but meets the basic criteria (demographically) and participates in the entire interview, we do not compensate the incentives. We can then accommodate you in the recruitment costs, this of course always in consultation.

5. If a respondent does not (fully) meet the predetermined criteria and the interview is terminated early, the incentive is not reimbursed to the respondent and not charged on. Unless the customer wishes otherwise. If this is the case, the incentive will be passed on.

6. Project postpone
If we have to call respondents as a result of the postponement of a project, we will pass on the agreed price per respondent. If we can move respondents to the new date, we will not pass on the recruitment costs of this respondent again. We will however charge administration costs of 10.00 per respondent. The new date is discussed in advance and if there is no new date the project will be canceled within 1 month.

7. Cancel within 48 hours
If we have to call respondents within 48 hours before the start of the study (on behalf of the client), we will compensate the respondent for the full reimbursement. We calculate this.

Privacy, confidentiality statement and recruitment legislation

1. Since the introduction of the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which is effective from 1 May 2018, we only communicate the first names of our respondents. The Bureau Fris is also not allowed to share e-mail addresses, residential addresses and telephone numbers, IBAN, with third parties without the consent of the respondents. If a customer wishes, administration costs will be charged for this (10.00 p.p.). If it concerns a telephone interview or an online community, the administrative costs are included in the recruitment costs. If a client does receive personal data from the respondents, the client must sign the NDA for this.

2. It is not allowed to approach respondents, recruited by Bureau Fris, before / during or after the investigation for your own file or for the file of third parties. Contact always goes through Bureau Fris. If the client (you or your client) abuses this, we are forced to take legal action. data leaks. This is included in the NDA of Bureau Fris.

3. Recruitment of customer lists.

Point A up to and including R also apply to the recruitment of customer lists.

In addition to this;

1. Start rate (testing / start up of customer lists)
If we have received the customer lists, we will start the project and experience for one day how adequate the customer lists are. We call this trial bubbles. A starting rate of 200.00 is calculated for trial calling and start-up of the project. During this day, it will be checked whether all the requested criteria can be derived from the customer lists and to what extent the customer lists are sufficient enough to successfully complete the project.

2. After the trial call we provide feedback within no more than 2 working days and discuss with the customer the further course of the project. The starting rate is always charged.

3. Privacy
The privacy of the customer lists, Bureau Fris is only allowed to link a peat list to the customer. This list consists of interested, not interested, incorrect number and voicemail voiced. Bureau Fris may not pass on which respondents of the list do not want to participate i.v. anonymity.

4. When calling from customer lists, we can only view files containing the requested information (criteria). If there is more information than necessary, we can not use the file in connection with the ISO 20252. We will send back the files directly and destroy them from our mail server.

5. When calling customer lists we will always mention the final client. M.a.w. veiled inviting customer lists is i.v. the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) is not possible.

6. Selection criteria
When calling customer lists, we only select criteria that appear on the call list. Selecting for example age is only possible if there is a column with ages on the list.

7. Prices
When calling customer lists we always charge a starting rate of 200.00 euro and the rate per respondent starts at 80.00 p.p., this rate may deviate if the criteria are different than the recruitment of ANP (General Dutch Public).

8. If the customer lists are exhausted with suitable candidates (this can be for various reasons) but the client still wants us to call further, we will charge the hour price for calling lists (50.00 pu) in consultation, we will also classified respondents according to the agreed rate.

9. Accept project
If after the test call it appears that the lists are not sufficient, only the starting rate will be calculated. If a respondent has been found during the trial call, we will pass on this respondent according to the agreed rate.

10. Recruitment time
The recruitment time for a project with customer lists, after receiving the customer lists, is 3 weeks.

General conditions Bureau Fris with regard to facility & other services

Facility Bureau Fris
1. Placing an option (1st or 2nd option) or books
Taking an option on a space is always possible with us. If the client has a first option on a space, this option remains until the client definitively reserves the option or until another client wants to make a definitive booking on the same day. In that case, we always contact the client who has the first option. That client then has priority if she wants to make a final reservation, we give a cooling-off period of a maximum of 1 working day. If there are no options in the calendar, you will automatically receive a 1st option on the space of your choice. You will receive a confirmation of this in writing.

Do you want to place an option on a day when another customer already has a 1st option? Then you automatically get a 2nd option (if desired). If you have a second option but want to book definitively, you will immediately contact the customer with the 1st option and you will receive a confirmation within a maximum of 1 working day. At the same time, other possibilities are always looked at.

Booking a space
A booking is final as soon as the client has confirmed the reservation with one of our employees by e-mail or has received confirmation from one of our employees. Until then, the reservation is an option.

2. Cancel a space
Cancellation policy
Up to 2 weeks:
Up to 2 weeks before the start of the study, the booking can be canceled free of charge.

Within 2 weeks and more than 5 working days (10-6 working days):
In case of cancellation of the booking less than 2 weeks, but more than 5 working days before the date on which the booking is planned, the customer owes 75% of the room rental.

5-2 working days:
In the event of cancellation of the booking with less than 5 working days before the date on which the study is planned, the customer will owe 100% of the room rental.

Within 48 hours:
In case of cancellation of the booking on the day itself or within 48 hours, the customer owes 100% of the room rental. In addition, 2 hours of costs for a hostess and 2 hours of expenses are charged for a minute taker. If an interpreter, special equipment or sandwiches have been ordered, these will be fully charged.

Cancellations must always be communicated in writing.

3. Confirmation booking
After a booking, we would like to receive a confirmation from the customer by e-mail with all information about the research and the wishes of the customer.

4. Paymenrs
Payments must be paid within 21 days of the invoice date stating the invoice number.

5. Day parts
When renting a research room at Bureau Fris, we use a rate per day part or a combination of day parts (see the price lists for this).

Times of day parts:

Morning --- 07:00 - 12:00
Noon --- 12:00 - 17:30
Evening --- 17:30 - 00:00

The offer lists the day parts of which it is (reasonably) expected that the customer will be present, ie not when the research actually takes place. For example, in the following situation, 2 half-days are calculated:

Research starts at 17:30 and the customer is present at 16:00 to prepare. In this case, an afternoon / evening combination is charged as the room can not be rented in the afternoon.

Other services

6. Hostess / host
The hostess / host always starts 30 minutes before the first customer is present. It is not allowed to have your own hostess at the locations of Bureau Fris or at Fris Onderweg. I.v.m. calamities, the presence of a hostess / host of Bureau Fris is mandatory. If a hostess / host is used at an external location, 100% travel costs will be charged and 50% of the travel time will be charged.

7. Notulists and minutes
If Bureau Fris provides a minute secretary, the minutes secretary will be present 30 minutes before the start of the investigation to discuss the wishes of the client. The breaks between the groups / calls are charged and are stated on the offer. At the end of the minute-taking, the minutes-taker can be busy for about 30 minutes to process the minutes neatly. The final time of the minutes secretary is always mentioned on the invoice. If a note taker is deployed at an external location, 100% travel costs will be charged and 50% of the travel time will be charged. The client must also provide the minutes secretary with a laptop.

Bureau Fris always sends the minutes by WeTransfer with a password. The password is sent via a separate e-mail. Bureau Fris keeps the minutes for 2 weeks and then they are destroyed. Before it is destroyed, the facility manager contacts.

8. Recordings
Bureau Fris will record the recordings on a USB stick immediately after the investigation, unless otherwise agreed. The recordings are kept for 2 weeks on a secure server and are then destroyed. Before the recordings are destroyed, one of the facility managers is contacted.