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Control quality panel Bureau Fris B.V. Chamber of Commerce 34229526

Filed on August 13, 2015

The quality of the Bureau Fris database is guaranteed by:

- When we receive the selection criteria, the target group is carefully selected. A questionnaire will be sent to these selected respondents. On the basis of this questionnaire we select the respondents who meet. We then call the respondents to invite them and to review the data they have entered. Personal contact is an important aspect in this. If they are invited, we call them one more time and an SMS is sent a day in advance as a reminder. This is to guarantee the highest possible turnout.

- We work with our own database RBS (Respondent Approach System). In this way we can select accurately and only respondents who meet the criteria are invited. The other respondents are excluded.

- Per project there is an account manager who has the contact with the customer from A to Z.

- Our account manager works 40 hours a week, so that they will always be available and maintain good contact with the customer.
- In addition, there is a Senior Team Manager who guarantees the quality of all projects that are running there. It guarantees a good quality of both the selection and the facility. If there are problems, she can always be contacted.

- To ensure that the contact with the customer runs as smoothly as possible, we regularly send updates. This keeps the customer fully informed of the project and if something does not go smoothly, we can restore it in time.

- We clearly and accurately keep track of which respondents participate in which research, where and when. In this way we prevent respondents from participating too often or being re-selected for studies that they have already participated in. In addition, our system ensures that respondents who have participated will no longer be approached for an investigation in the next 6 months.

- If respondents receive a comment after an investigation, we will note this. In this way we keep track of which respondents are suitable and which respondents are not suitable. We will remove the respondents who are not suitable from our database.

- On our own initiative we think about the use of reserves, to keep the turnout as high as possible. If a respondent logs off less than 24 hours in advance, he or she will be removed from our database. Respondents are aware of this.

- Every quarter actions are started to recruit new respondents, both on the street and online / social media. We do this to keep our database up-to-date

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